Boar fund

BoarWar Team is going to contribute to several wild animals protection campaigns. We strongly believe that every creature has its right to live, breed and raise their offspring, not only in the metaverse or on the blockchain, but also in real woods, deserts and oceans. By helping those who are not able to protect themselves, we can achieve sustainable change and ensure a better future for every species.

While people will start spending increasingly more time in the metaverse, animals will still live in their natural habitat. Global warming, air and water pollution, and the growing human population keep posing significant threats to animals welfare. We must not forget about boars, foxes, whales and other species around the world that are losing their battle against human violence and deteriorating environmental conditions.

The BoarWar Team has decided to allocate 3% from the NFT collection profits to the funds whose main mission is to protect wildlife. After careful study, we have selected two funds that we would like to donate to: SAVEME and WWF.

We are certain that with our community's help we will be able to collect a significant amount of money that will save lots of wild animals of all sizes, colors and shapes. Let's hunt only NFT Boars!

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