Gameplay is similar to other popular card-based strategies like Gwent and Hearthstone. The game is played with a deck that consists of 7 cards.

Players start with cards of troops on the battlefield map. Each boar has some amount of health, armor and attack points.

The battlefield is divided into 3 lines: Infantry, Archers and, and Spellcasters.

It should be noted that a Boar’s line is defined by the Weapon property of an NFT.

The Infantry line weapons are Axe, Broadsword, Trident, Rapier, Jatagan, Mace, Morgenstern, Sword, Club, Dagger, Tomahawk, Spear, Hammer and Bone sword.

The Archers wield weapons such as Crossbow, Boomerang, Bow, Javelin and Cherry Bow.

As for the Spellcasters, they cast their arcane magic with: Necromancer staff, Mage staff, Jester staff and Beggar staff.

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