Every Boar is a fierce warrior. However, they vary in apparel and abilities. There are two types of attributes for each hog. The Boar's apparel is shown on the Boar NFT card. Some attributes are purely aesthetic, while others have a real impact on gameplay - the faction dictates the character's alignment, whereas class defines special abilities and unique artifacts provide buffs for your Boar and his army. Such attributes as Damage, HP and Defense are already linked to the Boar characters.


Boarettes are BoarWar’s female characters and will be released in Q4 2022. With a help of Boarettes the player can use breeding functionality in order to produce new Boar units. There will be 5000 Boarettes released to deliberately create a deficit on the market and, thus, stimulate the male Boars’ holders to be active if they want to start creating their dynasty. Apart from participating in breeding, the Boarettes will be of a great use on the battlefield. Some Boarrettes will be able to fight while others will play roles of healers or passive spell-custers. The Boarettes will be grouped into 4 classes and 12 categories - each with its own abilities and skill maps.

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