All Boars are born equal, but some are more equal than the others. The Boars are split into four classes. Each class includes several categories. The Boar's category is defined by the armor attribute of the NFT:

The category determines the character's own combat abilities as well as some passive skills related to the land ownership and economical aspects of the game. As you would expect, Wizard armor will give a damage bonus to units placed on the spell-casters line.

Boarettes will also be grouped into 4 classes and 12 categories. As in the case of the male Boars, the class and category is defined by the clothes element of a character. Additionally, each female boar category has a special battlefield role attached to it. There will be 4 different roles: Morale Dealer, Warrior, Healer and Curser.

The Boarettes' classes and categories are presented In the table below.

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