BoarWar is set in the fictional universe of Aurora Boarealis. For eons boar tribes have roamed these bountiful lands of great abundance. Unfortunately, a time of unrest and total war is coming. The King of Swinia, the kingdom of the Dead Field Boars, Hammon the II, was to be married to Porcita, the princess of the Cave Kingdom of Piggeton. Alas, while venturing through the Dark Forest on his journey to the wedding ceremony, he was brutally murdered. Hammon the II was found frozen and shattered into a thousand pieces.
Many suspected that this plot was hatched by Swinilla the Dzik, the emperor of the Mountain Boar empire and a long-term admirer of Porcita. The Mountain Boars denied having any involvement in this deed and accused Hogrik the Fair, the leader of the Forest Boar Alliance. Bridges have been burnt, peace lost, and a cloud of chaos looms above the realms of Aurora Boarealis. War is inevitable and the victors will be the ones to write history. The players are welcome to take part in the adventures of Aurora Boarealis and profit from them massively.