Factions and artifacts


There are 4 factions in the game warring with each other in the lands of Swinia - a subcontinent situated in the north-western part of Aurora Boarealis and divided into 4 unique territories, one for each faction: forest, mountains, cave and dead fields. The faction your Boar belongs to is determined by the background attribute of the Boar NFT and represents the character's alignment. Each faction has its own special skills.

  • Dead Field Boars are able to cast dark magic spells and have additional abilities, including a resurrection skill, when wearing a Bone Helmet or wielding a Bone Sword.

  • Forest Boars possess wood magic spells in their arsenal and have a higher chance of inflicting a critical strike with a ranged unit.

  • The Cave faction is able to use Earth magic spells as well as have passive buffs when equipping weapons and clothing with gems.

  • Mountain Boars are experts in cold magic and possess extra skills when wielding an ice spear or wearing a fur cap.


Each boar comes with a set of artifacts - weapons, armor, helmets and various charms. These ancient assets are passed down through generations. Some artifacts are quite common, the others are legendary and rare.

The uniqueness of each artifact is related to its usefulness, so minting more Boars is worthwhile if you want to rule.

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