Lands (coming soon)

Boars are very territorial creatures, and BoarWar lets you experience this to the max. Land in each Aurora Boarealis’ continent including Swinia can be owned, and the land exists in the form of NFTs. Players will be able to buy and sell parcels of land, as well as gain them through conquest. Land generates a small amount of profit, but this depends on the efficiency of the estate and the skills of the estate manager. Some players will receive an initial parcel of land and a starting estate. More lands and estates can be acquired through quests, battles against other players as well as through trade in the real estate market.

Each plot of land will bring a certain amount of ACORNs per day depending on the quality of the land. In order to gain the maximum amount of resources, a landowner Boar will have to take part a pre-set number of battles per day. The players who have landowner Boars and do not participate in any battles will start receiving penalties. The system is built in a way that it only pays off to hold a plot of land, if a player is active, in order to stimulate passive players to sell their land. The landowners should be not only the best players, but also the most active ones.

Each plot of lend will have the defense level parameter starting from zero. Every successive level will require increasingly more ACORNs to reach. Players can upgrade their land regularly, gradually reaching the maximum level.

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